Slow or Fast, Easy or Hard, Get Moving to Improve Longevity

Emotional person in a chair wondering if his heart has moved to the center of his chest.


Get Moving

Research shows that doing literally anything but sitting around can help improve longevity so you can live longer. Whether it’s a light activity like baking, moderate activity like vacuuming, or heavy activity like yard work, it doesn’t have to be a gym-style exercise for you to benefit. Of course, the “easier” the activity is the more you need to do, but the bottom line is that as long as you don’t sit around for over 9.5 hours a day (not including sleep), you’re supporting good health.

No matter your level, pushing your muscles will come with some aches and pains. If you’re not used to standing, trying something new, or turning the intensity up a notch, your muscles might protest a bit. Soothe sore muscles with Dakota Muscle Relief

Why is moving—even just gently pacing about—so beneficial? While it takes more vigorous exercise to strengthen muscles (including the heart) any amount of moving helps the cardiovascular system. It helps other systems, too. The lymphatic system has no pump and relies on the body moving to circulate lymph fluid and do its job as part of your immune system. All these cumulative benefits are why even a little bit of moving helps improve longevity!

Increasing activity levels—even just a bit—can improve sleep, digestion, and more, in addition to improving longevity. Of course, just focusing on what you are doing and keeping it up is important, too! So make sure you have support for when your muscles and joints start to ache with Dakota Muscle Relief. Dakota Muscle Relief works with a hot/cool sensation—and no medicinal smell—to naturally relieve muscle pain.


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