Whether you walk at a causal speed or pick up the pace, walking increases your heart health and improves overall longevity. According to a new study, walking at a normal pace decreases heart health risks and overall mortality risks roughly 20% more than a slow pace, and a brisk pace increases the benefits by another few percentage points. If you’re older, the benefits of keeping up at an average or above average pace are nearly doubled.

Use it or lose it… walking helps stimulate the mind and body. Going for a walk is associated with better memory function, increased creativity, and more. And moving your body isn’t just good for your heart and muscles, it helps circulate lymph fluid, which is important for the immune system.

Best of all, walking is free, and an easy goal to meet. It’s easy to squeeze in at any time of day, whether it’s errands at lunch, a wake up morning walk, or an evening stroll. While walking a bit faster gets more benefit, the difference isn’t really big enough to strain yourself or push limits (if you have one). Make walking more fun with a friend, pet, or by listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks, or by planning your next creative venture.

One note from the study: counting steps is great, but pace does matter. If most of your 10,000 steps are very easy and casual, you aren’t getting the same benefit as actually going for a walk. Take a dedicated 15-20 minutes to move, and you’ll get some serious benefits. It’s true that “working out”, or dedicated cardiovascular exercise is better for your heart and physique, any sort of moderate movement in a 20 minute daily interval will help with overall longevity.

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