“Corn Sugar” & Antibiotic Raised Beef


So, in a follow up to the discussion about GMO foods from last week, as well to contribute to the larger discussion of making careful food and nutritional choices, there are a couple of food related stories I’d like to point out…

Corn Sugar…

You may have already heard the story from over the weekend that “High Fructose Corn Syrup” manufacturers are petitioning to change the name to “Corn Sugar”. Those who feel affronted by the change feel that this is an (obvious) ploy to lure consumers into thinking better of the product, which is used in many processed products from sugary drinks to processed desserts to snacks.

Research is inconclusive as to how high fructose corn syrup affects our bodies, and, more specifically, our metabolism. Chemically, it’s structure is similar to table sugar (in terms of the proportion of fructose to glucose). However, as noted in lasts week’s GMO article, many processed corn products contain GMO.

In any case, the same consumers who are already conscientious label-readers and processed-food avoiders aren’t going to be confused by a change to “corn sugar”.

Antibiotic Pumped Beef…

Over at BoingBoing there’s an interesting analysis and discussion regarding a possible change in stance by the FDA regarding antibiotic use on livestock. Although there are tougher bills in congress that may come up later, for now the FDA is encouraging ranchers to voluntarily reduce antibiotic use to medically necessary instances, and involve veterinarians in those instances.

This is good  news in the fight against the creation of a superbug, however there’s no indication that the agricultural industry is set to agree and cooperate. For those concerned about what they eat, look for grass-fed and organic meats.

What sort of food choices do you make for your family? What farms/brands can you recommend, and what tactics do you use to navigate the grocery store?


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