GMO Update: Hamsters and Mice Become Infertile On A GMO Diet


Whether due to the changed structure of genetically modified plants, or the excessive amount of herbicide used to grow them, feeding genetically modified foods to hamsters and mice (as well as to livestock) led  false pregnancies, miscarriages, low birth-weight babies, and infertility.

It also led to high rates of infant mortality, and a 25% higher death rate to the hamster groups fed the highest GMO content. Over at the Huffington Post they discuss the newest study, which was completed in Russia, as well as several other studies and reports coming from India, Austria, and America. Many of those completing the studies suffered for their findings, due to pressure from pro-GMO interests.

In somewhat related news, the California government is reported by the Environmental Working Group to have financed a campaign to contest claims about the amounts of residual pesticides on produce. $180,000 CA tax dollars are going toward, what the government claims is, encouraging a more even media portrayal.

If you haven’t switched off GMOs and herbicides yet, consider doing a natural cleansing of your GI tract and then switching to grass fed beef and organic dairy and pork products. If you buy pre-made meals or other processed foods, look for organic brands.

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