Healthy Eating Through The Holidays


Here’s a tip from a new Australian study: when you eat salty food, you’re more likely to drink something sweet—and bloat + added calories isn’t a great way to start the new year!

Specifically, eating salty foods causes an increase in thirst, which is natural, but since the saltiest foods in our diets are prepackaged and ready to eat, they’re more likely to be followed by drinks of the same nature—most of which contain added sugar. (And who doesn’t love the combination of salty and sweet?)

As you navigate through the rest of the year and beyond: keep in mind that eating certain foods can cause ripples in our diets, rather than being just an isolated indulgence.

Want another tip for a healthy diet? Make sure you’re eating lots of red and orange vegetables (tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, grapefruit), and don’t be afraid to cook them! Unlike other fruits and veggies, which pack a greater nutritional punch the fresher and less cooked/frozen they’ve been, red and orange produce actually release more nutritious carotenoids when they’ve been cooked.

Bonus? The latest research says that women who ate the most red and orange produced had a reduced chance of developing a rare but deadly form of breast cancer! In general, carotenoids have been tied to reduced cancer risk—so eat up! Just make sure that you’re eating a rotation of different fruits and veggies so you’re getting a wide variety of nutrients.

(And if you have trouble getting variety—either due to what’s available locally or trouble planning—make sure to add a supplement or two to your diet. Welltrient One is a great catch all, but if you’re looking to get an antioxidant boost try Triple Strength Antioxidant!)

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