5 Ways To Tune Up Your Immune System For Spring


Outdoors CoupleIt was a rough flu season, and if you had one… or two… or three bouts of respiratory disease this winter, you might not be feeling your best. In fact, losing a week to illness causes many people to fall off of exercising, lose track of their diet, and generally lose whatever edge they may have had on good health.

Never fear! Here are 5 ways you can work to strengthen your immune system for summer (when allergies, walking pneumonia, parasite spread infections like Lyme disease, and head colds, among other things, will threaten your health!).

1) Start working the probiotics.

Whether you have a cup of yogurt with a meal or cheat with a heavy duty probiotic like Flora MGR, make sure you’re supporting your gut colonies. For the past few summers, there’s been a steady increase in contaminated and recalled food due to salmonella, e. coli, and the dreaded listeria. Reduce your risk of food poisoning by strengthening your gut army of good bacteria!

2) Ease into more exercise.

Whether you’ve already got a routing, need to do a little more, or are starting from scratch, use the warmer weather as an excuse to get yourself moving. A 30 minute walk a couple times of week not only counts as sufficient exercise, but you’ll be getting more Vitamin D that supports your immune system and helps shake off the winters blues and blahs.

As you get into the habit of walking, turn up the pace, or head over to the park and see what sports might be available.

3) Make sure you’re taking MesoSilver.

Colloidal silver, like MesoSilver, can help support your immune system. Make sure you have some on you for those times when you need a little help!

4) Enjoy fresh produce!

There’s new fruits and veggies in season every week now, so take advantage! Enjoy new recipes, old favorites, or just snack on your favorite fruit once a day! Of course, don’t forget to take a daily mutivitamin as a safety net for nutrient variety.

5) Don’t forget to sleep!

The days may be getting longer and the nights shorter, but sleep is essential to good health and brain function. Exercising, and eating right (but not before bed) will help you sleep well, but if you still have trouble consider a natural sleep support pack.

How do you prepare for spring and summer?


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