To Lose Weight, Don’t “Diet”


Diet AppleA study has finally proven what many have found to be anecdotally true: artificial sweeteners don’t help you to lose weight, in fact, they can cause you to gain it.

While past studies have found that drinkers of diet soda are more likely to be overweight, this latest will tell you why: your brain isn’t fooled by the fake sweetness—you’ll still crave sugar later (and possibly crave more).

So all those diet products with fake, chemical, sugar? Not worth it. If you’re looking for an afternoon dessert, you’re not fooling yourself.

What does work? Pretty much everyone that’s ever cleaned up their diet with more fruits and veggies will tell you that you’ll stop craving the sweet stuff and that sooner than later you’ll start enjoying fruit like it’s dessert.

If you do want to enjoy a soda, cake, or other treat, just cut down your portion and keep it to, as Sesame Street tells us, a sometimes food. You’ll appreciate it more, and your body won’t fall into a cycle of craving sugar. Eating the real thing occasionally is better than eating a substitute constantly (i.e., have a soda once a week or less rather than a diet soda daily).

You can also naturally boost your metabolism with B Vitamins.

Have you ever been able to lose weight using diet food?


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