The World Health Organization has given out a very general warning about the new Coronavirus (similar to SARS but with nasty effects on the kidneys): health care professionals need to watch for strange clusters of flu-like symptoms.

Guess what’s shown up in Alabama?

If you guessed “a strange cluster of flu-like symptoms”, you’re spot on.

7 people have come down with flu-like symptoms. Young and old, there’s no pattern, and health officials haven’t found a common thread connecting them yet. They all seem to have a cough, fever, and shortness of breath. 2 have already died.

Health officials still need to identify whether they all have the same strain, what family the virus belongs to, etc. If they identify where the virus came from, they will likely issue a warning to others who might be infected. Likely, there are those out there with strong immune systems who are carrying the virus but showing no symptoms, and these people need to be aware of the risk of spreading it.

If it’s not the new Coronavirus strain, it could also be the new H7N9 strain, or another version of avian flu.

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