Take Dakota Muscle Relief with You this Summer


When it comes to aching muscles, our first thoughts are often exercise, chores like yard work, or a new activity (that may be using different muscles). But inactivity can cause cramps, aches, and muscle tension, too! And inactivity that’s forced—whether you’re stuck on an airplane, in a hospital bed, or recovering from an injury—can hurt the most. Make sure you have Dakota Muscle Relief by your side to ease those aches!

Tension can lead to day ruining headaches. Cramps can keep you up at night. Aches can be the thorn in the lion’s paw, wrecking your mood. It isn’t just a sore muscle, it’s a strain on living your life, so don’t wait to take care of it, tackle aches, sprains, and pains right away with Dakota Muscle Relief. If you’re traveling, throw a bottle in your checked bag for when you get off the plane, so your first day on vacation (or on the job) is a better one. Send one in a care package to someone you know in the hospital, and keep one on hand in your home first aid kit.

Which Dakota Muscle Relief to choose? You can get Dakota Muscle Relief in a spray or in a roll-on form. The spray is better if you’re alone and applying it to your back or a hard to reach area, or to a bruise or sprain (don’t apply it to broken skin though!). Roll-on is better for sneaking a little massage into muscles and easing some of that pain with the pressure of application, and for more detailed application (like when you’re tackling a tension headache or migraine, it’s easier to avoid spraying your face or hair).

With natural, recognizable ingredients you can feel good about using Dakota Muscle Relief as much as you want and need. Compared to the ingredients of brands available in stores, you can see that you’re avoiding all sorts of additives that get absorbed through the skin. Keep it simple, and get support from Dakota Muscle Relief.


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