Depression is a mood disorder that can have a number of causes and symptoms. We often deal with depression more often during winter months, as holidays remind us of lost loved ones or as seasonal changes (and related nutrient deficiencies) affect our mood.

Symptoms for depression can affect eating and sleeping habits, as well as resist being affected by things that once made you happy. Other symptoms for depression may present as physical problems (GI Tract issues, pains) that aren’t fixed by traditional remedies, and can’t be diagnosed with a specific cause.

What Causes Depression?

Certain life events (or reminders of) can trigger depression. If depression lasts a long time, or interferes with life, it’s time to see a doctor, otherwise, for most people, it will go away on its own.

Sometimes depression is a side effect to medicine (Hepatitis C meds are one) or disease, and may require counter treatment.

Around this time of year, many people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (winter depression).

What Is SAD?

Grey weather coupled with lack of sunlight (which provides mood-boosting vitamin D) can make many people feel like they’re depressed.

The further toward the poles you live in winter, the more likely you have SAD, due to less sunlight being available. Weather permitting, a few minutes in the sun can help the body naturally fight against SAD.

Naturally Fight What Causes Depression

Eating a healthy, balanced diet (particularly eating lots of fruits and vegetables) is a great way to fight depression. Exercising has also been shown to have an IMMEDIATE effect, and you’ll also be supporting your health!

If you have a hard time getting enough sun, try supplementing with Vitamin D. For people with SAD, supplementing with Vitamin D can help relieve symptoms.

For people with severe or chronic depression, it’s important to reach out and build a support network, and to see a specialist who can help you through depression.

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