Taking a daily multivitamin may decrease your risk of cancer. In a study published Wednesday, older male doctors followed for more than ten years were 8% less likely to develop cancer if they took a multivitamin.

8% is a big effect compared to other small lifestyle changes, but not compared to bigger changes like having a regular exercise routine and giving up smoking. If everyone took a daily multivitamin, 8% across the population could be a very big deal.

What’s more, because the doctors were otherwise health conscious, there may be reason to suspect for a more fallible person the benefits may be higher. The study is a very good reason to take a multivitamin, but more studies, that include women, children, etc., are needed.

Taking a daily multivitamin is a good safety net for your diet. Even if you strive for balance at every meal, getting every type of nutrient every day may be a bit of a challenge, especially in winter when the choices for fresh fruit and veggies become limited! A multivitamin will fill those gaps.

Of course, a multivitamin doesn’t eclipse the importance of good nutrition, exercise, sleep, etc., but is an easy tool to add to the arsenal of ways to support your health!

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