Winter Woman in SunEager to jump outside at the first warm day?

Don’t underestimate things like windburn (especially at this time of year!), sunburn (you need sunscreen year round if you’re going outside!) and hormone changes. “Hormones!?” I hear you mutter—why yes; Vitamin D, (as well as other nutrients that might be missing from a winter diet), can really impact your hormones, whether you’re a man or a woman, and hormone fluctuations can mean skin changes (like acne!).

Make a mistake? Do something to support healthy skin. You should already be drinking lots of water. Aloe vera is great—products that combine aloe with coconut oil can be even better (keep in mind coconut oil does not work for all skin types). Or try this: a colloidal silver lotion with coconut oil, aloe vera, jojoba oil, and more. Use it to support skin that gets burned, chapped, broken out, or even scratched.

There’s more you can do for your skin. A daily multivitamin taken all winter long helps with evening out those seasonal changes. (“Eat locally!” they say, but during winter, most places will leave you with a very limited diet—even if you don’t live by that limitation, options tend to be more limited, anyway). If you want to support skin (especially skin prone to redness and irritation) throw in some extra antioxidants.

Don’t hesitate to get outside. The sun is the preferred source of Vitamin D—and Vitamin D supports mood, immune health, bone health, and more. Just protect your skin. If you’re outside a lot, there’s no reason to ever be unprotected. Start with sunscreen, then add some skin support after a long day out. If you’re inside a lot (can’t control you’re working hours!) a half hour sans sunscreen is sometimes recommended—just be diligent about support and skin care afterward.

How much time do you spend outside in winter?


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