Studies are starting to peel back the ways that our gut bacteria (and skin bacteria, and other bacteria colonies) may impact not just our health, but potentially who we are. If you enjoy exercise, creativity, or struggle with depression, it might actually be the bacteria. A new preliminary study is taking the causation a bit further. While it was assumed that bacteria were releasing enzymes and hormones or triggering other actions that caused these changes, preliminary research shows that these bacteria may actually be making their way up to our brains, and potentially colonizing there as well.

If you weren’t serious about caring for your gut bacteria before, you should be now. If this research is verified, it could have implications for Alzheimer’s and other brain diseases, as well as fundamentally impact the question of who we are!

Cultivating good gut bacteria can be a challenge if you haven’t already been doing it. Bad gut bacteria like to fuel our bad habits to feed themselves—like craving sugar, avoiding exercise, and causing feelings of depression and anxiety. Switching over to cultivating good bacteria, which fuel (and are fed by) positive behaviours like eating veggies, exercising, and being calm/meditative. That means you need to break out of the bad bacteria cycle, and it could take some serious willpower. It’s estimated that it takes a full year to make a permanent change in your gut biome, so that’s how long you need to maintain changes.

Give yourself a hand by seeding your gut with good bacteria from a supplement like Flora MGR. Flora MGR has a wide variety of good microbes to help get your gut, and you, back on track.

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