Sun CareIf you’re on top of taking a daily multivitamin, then you probably are!

According to a new research, there seems to be a clear benefit to taking Vitamin B3: lower cancer rates. People who had a history of skin cancer had fewer reappearances taking Vitamin B3 than people who were taking a placebo—overall, there was about a 23% improvement. And there’s lots of reasons to think that it would benefit people with no history of cancer, too.

Because Vitamin B3 is a widely available, easy to take, safe supplement, the results are certainly exciting, because with the amount of sun most people get, every little bit of prevention counts.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should rely on Vitamin B3 for ALL your prevention, either. Sunscreen (or at least a natural sunscreen like coconut oil) should always be used when you’re outside for more than 20 minutes, or on particularly bright days. Reapply or go inside as directed, or if you start getting pink.

And if you have a history of tanning (outside or in beds), make sure you’re getting regular screenings from a dermatologist. Early skin cancer treatment isn’t pretty, but it’s cheaper and easier than waiting until things are really bad.

And here’s an at home tip: you’ve probably seen the numerous charts about identifying ok moles vs. see a doctor moles—don’t forget to check in places that don’t get regular sunburn, like bottoms of feet, between toes, in your hair, and even bathing suit areas. Those more hidden moles can turn deadly if you don’t watch for them.

People with darker skin tones should take the same precautions—although they may be less likely to get a cancerous growth, they’re more likely to ignore it and face more serious consequences.

If you do get burned this summer, be sure you have colloidal silver on hand to help support your skin’s healing!

What level of precaution do you take in the sun?


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