Vitamin B12 is one of the nutrients many people find themselves short on. Digestive disorders, genetic quirks, and specialty diets may mean the body is falling short on B12. Luckily, supplements like Co-EnZyme B Complex can help make sure we have all the essential nutrients.

What does Vitamin B12 do? One of its key jobs is supporting nerve function and red blood cell production.

Is not sleeping well a sign of B12 deficiency? Sometimes! Studies show that more B12 can help improve sleep quality when people are low on the vitamin. Another symptom of Vitamin B12 deficiency is fatigue or just feeling tired, so there’s a correlation. Sleep is important for brain, nerve, heart health and more—so needing enough B12 for self-maintenance makes sense!

Other symptoms of Vitamin B12 deficiency include being breathless, getting headaches, a change in skin color (more pale), heart palpitations, pins and needles sensation or numbness. More extreme cases of Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause temporary infertility and bigger skin color changes.

Vitamin B12 isn’t just essential for daily functioning, letting a deficiency go too long can start to cause permanent wear and tear on the body.

CoEnZyme B Complex not only helps ensure you’re getting enough Vitamin B12, it provides a balance of all B Vitamins. Folate  (Vitamin B6) is also essential and often deficient.

Making sure you have enough B Vitamins each day helps boost energy levels and overall feelings of wellness and good health. If you’re on a special diet (especially one low on animals) or have gastrointestinal issues, make sure to give yourself a little extra with supplements like Co-EnZyme B Complex.


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