Stressed Business ManMental health. If you even half follow headlines, you know it’s not talked about enough.

It’s not limited to extreme cases. Depression, anxiety, lack of focus… there’s a very wide, and very inclusive spectrum of problems that people face. Many get swept to the side in the face of medical problems (which can go hand in hand—a chronic illness is stressful, and stress can contribute to chronic illness) and other life stresses and chaos.

It shouldn’t be overlooked, though. Because it’s tied so closely to your overall health, and because quality of life matters!

If you want to boost your mind, knock out the low-hanging fruit:

Make sure you’re getting all the nutrition you need, especially Vitamin D. Vitamin D is a good example of how nutrition is tied to our mental state—without it, you’re far more likely to feel depressed.

But other nutrients play a part to—to anxiety, focus, and more. Even if you eat a varied diet, make sure you have a nutritional safety net in the form of a daily multivitamin.

And not just nutrients: studies keep finding more and bigger ways that our gut bacteria are tied to how our brains and bodies work. Whether we’re optimistic, overweight, and on and on!

Support healthy gut bacteria with a probiotic—whether you eat a good (not candy) yogurt or other fermented food regularly, or keep it simple and routine with a supplement.

Then, get your house in order:

Don’t underestimate the tool that daily stresses can play on your mood, body, and life. Even happy things—like planning a wedding, starting a healthier diet, or other big changes—cause a negative impact (at least in the short-term). Take time out to decompress. Meditation, a beloved hobby, and appreciating any good habits you have (a healthy meal, a daily exercise) can help keep you focused and relaxed.

When all else fails, seek medical help. Talk therapy (start by shopping for someone who’s a good fit) is the go-to these days. Things are moving away from tearing apart your past and automatically medicating people—most therapies focus on building skills and tools to deal with the here and now.

If you want an extra layer of support, try MesoGold. It’s reported to boost memory, focus, coordination, and even boost mood.

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