Happy People In WinterLooking to support your cardiovascular health this year? It’s not all health food and exercise: people who have optimistic outlooks have better heart health—regardless of other health factors, like liver disease, or even mental illness.

And its not just your heart—good cardiovascular health also means that optimistic people have a lower risk of stroke. A risk that was even lower for people who reported higher optimism levels!

How do you get to be optimistic? While there’s probably a genetic component for those people who always seem to be glass-half-full, here are some strategies to help emulate them:

-Adopt this strategy for coping with problems: figure out which ones you can fix, make a plan, then stop worrying. Can’t fix it? Don’t give it headspace.

-Spend time each day unwinding. How about a cup of tea? (Like our heart supporting Jiaogulan?)

-Try meditation. Lots of studies back-up it’s health benefits, including better cardio health AND a happier mental outlook. Getting started is easy: you can try and clear your mind, letting thoughts float away, or fill it with a specific image (mentally recreate a favorite work of art, for instance).

-Support mental health, clarity, and well-being with colloidal gold. Colloidal gold is reported to boost mental acuity, including focus.

-And of course, remember that everything ties together: people who feel optimistic, according to the study, were more likely to exercise, which boosted feelings of well-being (no surprise, since exercise releases endorphins, and of course gives a feeling of accomplishment!). Eating well can also boost mental health, because you won’t feel weighed down. Get started with a daily multivitamin.

What do you think? What other goals can a positive outlook support?


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