Vitamin D Levels


Vitamin D LevelsThe NHS is constantly looking for ways to cut costs, and sometimes something good comes from all that penny pinching. Looking at data from 11,000 patients from 14 countries, they found a clear benefit to the cost of making sure everyone got more Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is hard to get from food. Aside from what you “get” from the cheap, not as bioavailable forms we have in America (which not everyone eats!) you need to get your Vitamin D from the sun. Like many, though, you probably use plenty of sunscreen, wear long sleeves and pants to avoid tick and mosquito bites, or you are stuck at work most days. In that case, you need a Vitamin D supplement!

Pretty much everyone agrees that a Vitamin D supplement is a good thing, and this new research confirms it in a big way. The NHS projects that giving people in the UK more Vitamin D could mean fewer diseases (lowering their costs), and in particular, they think it could mean fewer cases of cold and flu. That means fewer trips to doctors, stays in the hospital, and missed days of work.

Most people aren’t getting enough Vitamin D. While people with low levels see a big benefit to getting a Vitamin D supplement into their diet, those with what’s considered “moderate” levels see a benefit, too!

As the weather gets warmer, you can wander outside and let your body naturally produce some Vitamin D. It helps with mood, immune function, and more. And a little sunshine will also help regulate your circadian rhythms, too. If you can’t make it outside (or burn easily, or live where it’s cold, or some other obstacle) make sure you’re getting plenty of Vitamin D. A high-quality supplement like Vita One (which is a daily multivitamin that includes all the basics like Vitamin D) is a good place to start. High-quality supplements are more bioavailable than cheap alternatives, actually have the ingredients on the label, and don’t have all the fillers and additives used by major brands.

Get a boost of Vitamin D today with Vita One!

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