Breakfast in Bed ladyResearch says people are choosing specific vitamins (like choosing something that’s only Vitamin D) rather than balanced multivitamins. But multivitamins (or at least good ones) work better thanks to the helpful interactions between nutrients than just by themselves.

Why do people steer away from multis? Thanks to cheap, low-quality supplements that are deserving of most of the bad rap laid on all supplements. Cheap multis don’t work because they often are missing ingredients, don’t have them in the advertised proportions, or are just all fillers. They may even be bad for you if they contain iron. (If you’re told you need to take iron, look for a natural source like Spirulina).

You can avoid those problems by sticking to high-quality multivitamins like Vita One.

Pretty much everyone needs a daily multivitamin, it’s rare to have the gap of a single nutrient in the diet. There are lots of necessary nutrients that get overlooked, generally we rely on getting them from our diet. But soil quality varies from region to region, crop to crop, and by farming methods (even eating organic makes a difference). Even if one fruit or vegetable should have it, it might actually be missing.

A good multivitamin balances all the basic, needed nutrients together and a well-formulated one will have amounts that work together well, both with absorption and within the body. And it provides a safety-net for day-to-day living. It covers the gaps that come up in our diet, in our habits, and the exceptions that get made when we’re busy, traveling, or celebrating.

Starting your day with a multivitamin like Vita One can help set the tone, one of making good, health-supporting decisions. (And healthy decisions tend to cascade!).

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