Soil in handsHumic and Fulvic Acid is loaded with minerals, including calcium, magnesium, and zinc, polyphenols, trace elements, and more.

But what makes it different from a regular multivitamin?

First we need to answer what Humic and Fulvic acid are. Deep underground, soil and water interact, creating a complex mineral matrix that we call humic acid (fulvic acid is a subset of humic). Most humic acid in supplement form is taken from deep underground. But, it can occur above ground, too. Unfortunately, most of that gets depleted by over-farming or destroyed by chemical application to crops.

It’s not just the minerals, it’s the way they’re formed. The structure allows cells to absorb nutrients and oxygen better (in fact, being able to absorb oxygen more easily is an effect that most people notice right away with more energy!). So the minerals in the humic acid, the nutrients from the food you eat, the daily multivitamins you take, all of it becomes more easily digested, so more of it gets used by your body.

It’s not only complex, but there’s some variation among types of humic minerals. For those reasons, it’s not well studied in laboratories. There is some data from its use on plants and animals. Plants given humic and fulvic acid grow bigger, faster, and stronger. Cows and chickens become physically more robust, produce more milk/eggs, lower stress hormones, and even have better digestive flora (probiotics). And of course, people who try humic and fulvic acid report an immediate difference!

There’s one more thing you should know about humic and fulvic minerals: they’re a great follow up to a Zeolite detox. Zeolite is made similarly to humic and fulvic minerals, but instead of ancient soil reacting with ground water, it’s volcanic ash, which forms a large cage-like structure. Zeolite “catches” and removes heavy metals and free radicals, which can then be followed up with lots of helpful nutrients.

Add humic and fulvic acid to your daily routine, and feel the difference.

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