YawnEven if you have a healthy brain, getting less than about 6 hours of sleep will cause a build-up of the protein most strongly associated with Alzheimer’s: amyloid beta. It seems that healthy sleep reduces the amount of amyloid beta in the brain (probably during the flush that occurs during a good rest). For people who chronically don’t get enough sleep (or get synthetic sleep) it could become a risk factor for Alzheimer’s. For people already at risk, it could hasten the onset.

Getting at least 6 hours of sleep is critical to just about every type of health ailment—your focus, memory, heart health, weight, cancer risk… the list goes on and on. And cheating with sleeping pills doesn’t count, and can cause their own health risks and side effects.

When you sleep, your brain resets. This is probably the cause of dreaming. Your body also refreshes itself in other ways, including resting your heart. It makes up about a third of your life because it’s just that important!

If you want to sleep better, try these tricks:

-Don’t eat anything before bed. you don’t want your stomach awake, digesting, because it strains your heart. Do you know what the peak time of day for heart attacks is? 3AM. Studies have found a decent correlation with midnight snacks.

-Don’t drink two hours before bed. It’s normal to have one pee break a night, more than that and you may need a prostate exam… especially if you’re cutting back on liquids. If you have to hydrate, try an electrolyte so it takes less to hit the spot.

-Set the mood: dark room, soft sheets, right firmness, maybe some white noise, and even try some lavender vanilla scent.

Still having trouble? Try a natural sleep aid that’s encourages those nightly processes: Nite MGR. Pair it with Cal Mag Complete for even better night’s rest.

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