Sleeping GirlScientists have discovered what they’re calling the glymphatic system—it’s the brain’s way of clearing out waste, and it’s actually really cool.

When you sleep, your brain cells contract, allowing cerebral spinal fluid to flush out leftovers and by-products. Some of what gets flushed causes plaque buildup which is strongly correlated with diseases like Alzheimer’s.

The glymphatic system is on when you’re awake too, but just barely. So you really do need sleep to refresh your brain, among other things.

And the problem is actually two fold. Besides needing to get sleep, scientists are already theorizing that some people may not have an optimally functioning glymphatic system, and it might be possible to develop medication to help them.

Of course, you could support your glymphatic system nutritionally. Your body needs minerals and other nutrients to complete its nighttime maintenance. For many people, nutritional support will also help ensure better sleep—so you can take care of both problems at once! There are also a ton of natural ways to encourage sleep.

If you are worried about dementia, last year coconut oil was tooted as a great source of ketones, which provide energy to the brain when it might not be getting what it normally does.

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