There’s another new Welltrient to supplement your nutritional needs: D.S.A. MGRx. Depression, stress, and anxiety (D.S.A.) affects everyone at different times. Some people are increasingly affected during the winter, when lower levels of light affect hormone production, set a sadder mood, and when holiday stress amps up anxiety.

Whether you suffer from seasonal depression, year-round mood swings, or an occasional slump from depression and anxiety, re-balancing your nutritional intake to focus on calming the nervous system, proper hormone function (and the glands that produce them, such as the thyroid), and having an adequate supply of neurotransmitters (including GABA, which the brain and nervous system rely heavily upon) may help your symptoms of depression.

D.S.A. MGRx is designed with all of these things in mind. It includes GABA, as well as St. John’s Wort, which has a traditional use for treating symptoms of anxiety.

Depression, stress, and anxiety have a multitude of causes. Having good nutrition may help with some physical causes. If you have severe depression, thoughts of suicide, or other severe symptoms, please see a doctor or therapist.

Ingredients like St. John’s wart (which may interfere with oral contraceptives) may have drug interactions, please read through the ingredients list carefully and compare with other medications you may be taking. (Here’s a great introduction to natural remedies and prescription medication interaction-Click Here for a Review of Prescription or Poison)

Please read these articles for more advice about Stress (Click Here), SAD/Seasonal Affective Disorder (Click Here), and for symptoms of Anxiety (Click Here).

Have you tried D.S.A. MGRx yet? What are your tips for dealing with depression and anxiety, and for helping those who are affected by depression and anxiety?


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