Blood Sugar TestOne in ten adults in the United States have diabetes, and more are contracting it all the time. A quarter of those with Diabetes are undiagnosed—-leaving them at risk for long-term effects.

Here’s the thing: if you catch it early, Type 2 Diabetes is reversible! But that means you have to be watching for the signs. What are they?

Early symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes can include:

-Dry Mouth
-Unquenchable Thirst (or hunger after eating)
-Tingling, numbness, or even pain in your hand and/or feet
-Blurry Vision
-Urinating More Often
-Having cuts and bruises that heal slower than expected
-Sense of Dread

If you have a hand full of those symptoms, screening for diabetes is pretty simple. Afraid of finding out? Read over that list again. Look at all the different body parts that diabetes takes a toll on: kidneys, brain, heart, eyes, nerves, and more.

But you can reverse it, or at least manage symptoms!

Exercise, a healthier diet, and weight loss as a result, is the fastest way. Use your tech to motivate yourself—an app, or just daily pictures, to track your progress is also showing a progression away from diabetes! You can also use tech to track what you eat—calories, sugar content, and more.

Tip: if you’re making dietary changes, try adding flavors, like cinnamon (which may even be beneficial) in place of sugar and fat.

Then, there are supplements that have been found in studies to be beneficial to people with diabetes. Spirulina in particular has been shown to be beneficial to people with diabetes (and it’s beneficial for many other reasons). Or, go with a supplement tailored to support those with insulin problems.

Changes even if you already have diabetes can improve symptoms and slow progression,and if you’re pretty sure you don’t have diabetes, it can keep you healthy.

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