Veggie PlateIf you struggle with eating healthy, here’s hope for you (and another reason to love your good gut bacteria): they react quickly to any change in diet. The composition, and even how probiotics behave will change if you give up meat or take up more veggies.

Your stomach bacteria are responsible for a lot, and it actually affects your whole body. Starting in the gut, they help with good digestion and nutrient absorption, block bad bacteria (food poisoning) and keep things regular.

Studies have found that in addition to those jobs, they play a significant role in weight gain/loss/maintenance, and even affect our brains!

So if you’re looking to make a change, to your mood, diet, or weight, your good bacteria are ready to help you out. Each day you meet your dietary goal will be a day that your body is responding, and soon enough it will be natural (let’s say you’re switching from cookies to carrots in the afternoon—your body will know which to crave quickly enough!).

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