Dr. Bill Sheppard On Welltrients


Some of you got to attend Wednesday night’s talk by Dr. Bill Sheppard, researcher and manufacturer of Welltrients For Life. He went over many broad aspects of health, how the right nutrition can help address many common health problems (it all goes back to cellular health!), where nutrition comes from in our diet, different vitamins and minerals commonly missing, and answered many, many questions from the audience.

He also brought along a biofeedback machine (which his lovely daughter and granddaughter operated and interpreted). Before the talk was a presentation on light therapy with more things to sample. If you didn’t go, you missed out!

One of the points Dr. Bill made that I wanted to share was that in today’s age of genetically modified food, hydroponics, greenhouses, and other farming technology we can grow food in almost any soil and many different conditions/places.

Nutritionally, your food is going to reflect the soil that it’s grown in. (Do you see where this is going?)

Rather than share Dr. Bill’s personal example, I want to point out something that many of you may have experienced… potatoes. Potatoes are a good example of a crop that is easy to grow in many soils, but they’re also a good example of a food that can vary greatly in taste, quality, and nutrition.

Most people are familiar with Idaho potatoes—why is that? It’s about the only thing soil in Idaho can grow. But have you ever had a potato from your own well tended garden? Or just from a really rich soil? It’s creamy, full of flavor, and has slightly darker meat thanks to the nutrients it pulled from the soil. (The best potatoes I’ve ever had came from the garden of a relative whose house is built on what was, within the last century or so, the bottom of a lake. The soil is VERY fertile & nutrient rich. Commercially, the best potatoes I’ve had came from California.).

There are tons of nutritions charts, lists, food pyramids about different foods as sources for different nutrients. But the truth is, if those foods are mass produced in low-quality soil, you’re not getting the promised nutrients.

That’s why taking a good multivitamin is so important! And it’s one of the problems Dr. Bill addresses with his Welltrients For Life line, and in particular, Welltrient Trio, which is the capstone of good health and nutrition, providing what everyone needs to have in their diet, but may not.

Also note, if you “eat local”, you may be getting delicious, fresh foods, but you’re limiting yourself nutritionally. It’s another reason to take a good daily multivitamin.

Did you attend Dr. Bill’s talk? Share your experience!


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