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While all health problems are influenced by what you eat, that’s especially true for Type-2 Diabetes. To support a healthy blood sugar level, it’s important to eat healthy foods at regular intervals throughout the day, exercise a little (or more), and track your health. It’s often easier to have success when we focus on what we can do, rather than can’t, so here are some foods to focus on to support better health when you have Type-2 Diabetes.

One strategy is to start each meal with your veggies and to fill up on healthy foods first. Less starchy veggies like carrots, leafy greens, and broccoli are a good place to start. Garlic and onion can add flavor and nutrients to veggie dishes.

You may not be familiar with it, but Spirulina may be extra healthy for you if you have Diabetes. A superfood packed with nutrients, Spirulina has been shown in animal studies and some human trials to help control blood sugar levels. Don’t worry about how to cook it—you can get it in an easy-to-manage supplement form with Blu-Lina Organic Spirulina.

Spirulina is such a top superfood it has even been included in the diet of astronauts. In earlier times it was a staple part of the human diet in many parts of the world. Spirulina is an algae, so it’s a good vegan source of many nutrients, including iron and many other antioxidants and minerals.

As for exercise, rather than block out and maintain a part of your day for it, get used to more movement by sneaking it into your routine. Walk to lunch, park farther away, or take the stairs.


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