SunbatherThere’s not much summer left, but you can still take advantage of the remaining warm weather. And there’s still time to exercise and tone—just because summer’s coming to a close doesn’t mean that you should stop working on your swimsuit figure.

First, don’t miss out on getting sun. Sun helps your body make Vitamin D, which it can then store. That store of Vitamin D will come in handy once you have to start buttoning up.

Enjoy the fresh, bright, fruit. Sure, fall has apples and gourds, but you can’t beat the berries of summer. Pair them with yogurt and get more probiotics in your diet! There’s two things to look for: color, and scent. If you buy organic, you are more likely to get not only a rich flavor, but a few more nutrients.

Let the warm weather motivate you to exercise. Summer brings so many more activities that you can enjoy right outside your front door, so grab a friend and get a sweat going. (Just be careful about being out at dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are out).

And consider doing a detox to end your summer. You can use zeolite to get heavy metals and other toxins, or do a organ focused one to get targeted support.

But don’t get down about the coming of autumn—walks with leaves crunching under your feet, apple/pumpkin picking, and of course racking all those leaves—you’ll still be able to be plenty active.

What summer activities are you still looking forward to?


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