Insomnia is nothing new, but a new, common, widespread cause of it sort of is: being overtired. If you’ve dealt with young children, you likely know all about being overtired—it’s when you miss getting them to sleep when they’re ready, and they get a second wind, and end up wound up and unable to sleep, as well as miserable and quick to tantrum. According to doctors who frequently deal with insomnia, being overtired is now a leading cause of insomnia in adults, too. Here are some ways you can make sure you aren’t overtired, and how to recognize if you are. One simple step you can take is to support sleep each night with our Sleep Support Pack, to help set your body on the right path.

What’s it look like to be an overtired adult? Most adults, even exhausted, are able to hold back tantrums, but they might get a little short. You might feel tired all day, but still not be able to sleep at night.

What really pins an overtired adult is their habits: if you’re always busy—even if it’s just poking around on your phone—you’re keeping your brain wound taught. We aren’t that far from when we needed are baser, animal instincts, so when we keep our brain working at maximum efficiency, it’s not really a good thing. We’re actually triggering a deep sort of anxiety–a part of the brain that thinks we can’t relax because there’s danger.

So in addition to fatigue and insomnia, being overtired might trigger symptoms of anxiety, like a racing mind at night, and, although it’s natural to wake up several times at night, you might find yourself unable to fall back asleep, with anxious thoughts.

You can beat insomnia triggered by being overtired by scheduling breaks during the day. Meditation, daydreaming, a screen free, stress free hobby, or even a nap—let your brain relax, and signal to it that there’s no need to ratchet up the anxiety.

Get started in the battle for better sleep right away with our Sleep Support Pack. With herbal and nutritional support, you can pave the way for a better night’s rest. Our Sleep Support Pack encourages deep, true sleep so you don’t just stay asleep, but are actually better rested the next day.

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