maitake-top-downIf you look up Maitake (the star of our mushroom supplement, Maitake Beta-Glucan Extract) you’ll see that it can grow in a lot of places, including Asia, North America, and Europe. But good luck finding it. Maitake requires very old trees with decaying roots in order to thrive, and as with many rare mushrooms, the search for it is very competitive. When found, the location often becomes a secret passed-down to family members.

Then there’s the issue with correctly identifying them: officially, you’ll probably see warnings against amateur mushroom hunting, since mushroom identification is tricky. Maitake, for instance, is one of only a few edible specimens in its family. And when found in the wild, they require special cleaning and preparation.

Luckily, maitake can be cultivated, although it doesn’t grow as wildly as it does in nature (on the other hand, it’s much cleaner than anything found at the root of a tree). So you can easily add a daily immune boost to your diet with a mushroom supplement like Maitake Beta-Glucan Extract.

But it’s more than just Maitake. Maitake is one of the best mushrooms, since it not only has a millennia old reputation for its good effects on health, but ongoing modern research that’s building data that corroborates those uses. It’s been shown to boost the immune system/stimulate immune cells, seems to have benefits for helping with diabetes (it has hypoglycemic effects thanks to being a complex polysaccharide), and more. But Maitake Beta-Glucan Extract also has Reishi, Shiitake, and Agaricus mushrooms. Why? For balance: Reishi mushroom, for instance, has anti-inflammatory properties, which Maitake doesn’t. Adding that balance make Maitake Beta-Glucan Extract a better choice than just adding one single mushroom to your diet (supplement or otherwise).

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