WalkingYou’re may be starting to think about a new year’s resolution. Maybe you want to focus on your career, your weight, or building a hobby.

But here’s a secret a lot of people seem to miss: if you just focus on wellness, a lot of those other pieces fall into place.

What are some signs of #Wellness?

-You make time to exercise. Don’t let New Year’s ads make it seem daunting—exercising isn’t narrowly defined by the gym. It could mean stretching regularly when you’re working, taking a short walk in the evening, or following along to one of the many free routines available on YouTube.

-You make time for yourself. Sleeping, eating well, mentally recharging, all of these things help keep us healthy, make us healthy, and most importantly make us more efficient. If you’re wondering how to find the time, the answer is efficiency. When your mind is alert, your body feeling strong and healthy, and you’re feeling happy, you’ll get things done faster and better.

-You incorporate wellness into your everyday. Maybe you replace a caffeinated pot of tea with a health-supporting one like our Jiaogulan Tea. Or a pre-packaged snack with veggies. Or maybe you just hold onto the idea as you go through the day, and see what opportunities come up!

When you make a whole life change, you’ll find yourself losing weight, doing better socially and professionally, and having more time and energy to complete personal goals. Let’s make 2015 the year of #Wellness together. Share with us your goals, strategies, and ideas on Twitter and Facebook, and stay tuned to our newsletter for offers that will help you along the way!

What are your New Year’s goals?


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