If you’re always looking for ways to improve your sleep, here’s a tip brought to you by recent research: get a little fresh air. Sleeping with an open window and letting the carbon dioxide out leads to better sleep than letting it accumulate all night long, according to one study. Participants slept more efficiently and woke up fewer times when their windows were open.

With the warm temperatures, it’s the perfect weather for an open window, or a camping trip (even to just the backyard). The body does a lot of maintenance work when you sleep—not just on the brain, but on the heart and more. It makes sense that it would need an abundance of oxygen to perform its best!

And it fits in with the basics of fighting insomnia: accommodate the 5 senses at bedtime. Yes, all five—brushing and flossing and having a clean mouth makes less work for your immune system, and creates a pleasant routine. In addition, there’s smell (clean air, as well as maybe a scent like vanilla or lavender), sight (no blinking lights or screens), touch (a comfy bed with comfy, weather appropriate sheets), and sound (some like silence, others nature sounds or soothing white noise).

Before bedtime, you can reduce insomnia by avoiding caffeine and alcohol, slipping some exercise into your day (morning is best if you’re prone to being keyed up at bedtime), and limiting what you eat or drink before bed. With all the work your body has to do, adding in digestion to its load can overburden it (and may even increase the risk of a 3AM heart attack).

If you need extra support, give your body a supply of nutrients and sleep supporting herbs to help with all its nighttime maintenance with our Sleep Support Pack. Sleep Support Pack contains a mineral supplement—perfect for before bedtime—and a sleep supporting supplement to help encourage real sleep, not induced passing out (like other sleeping pills!).

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