From paper-cuts to small burns to road rash, healing an injury takes extra calories and nutrients. While a paper-cut may not need a lot, it starts to pile up if you have a lot of small injuries (if your legs are covered in bruises from being chronically clumsy, or you have acne, or you work with your hands or have a hobby that can be rough). Nutrients are the building blocks to good health, and it’s not just important to have a supply for optimum health, but healing, too.

For small injuries, it’s important to have lots of high-quality nutrients in supply for rebuilding, and for doing it a little faster. Eating your way there you might end up with too many calories, but a daily multivitamin like Vita One helps do the trick. (Just don’t underestimate your calorie needs. A sports injury can leave you using different muscles, or spending more energy to hop rather than walk, so accommodate that added burden with your diet).

Many people are already taking a daily multivitamin to support their health. After a bicycle crash or other scuffle, it might be time to take an extra one each day.

In addition to multivitamin support, make sure what you’re eating counts. You don’t have to follow some crazy diet, just stick to the basics, like lots of fruits and vegetables and healthier carbs like brown rice.

From occasional injuries to chronic problems like eczema and acne, kitchen cuts and bruises, make sure you’re supplying all of the basics your body needs to build itself back up again. Vita One provides easy to absorb, high-quality nutrients to help keep your body in supply of what it needs.

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