Sad Winter GirlShopping deadlines, travel arrangements, deep cleaning or packing to do, and the weather doesn’t care about your plans.

You might need a little boost for your mood.

Winter alone can be cause for a dip in your mood—feeling listless, overwhelmed, tired, or just a little mopey. If you pull apart the causes piece by piece, you can overcome lot of the causes, and get on with feeling merry.

With cold, flu, and stomach viruses circulating, that should be the first thing you rule out. Needing to sleep more is usually a sign your immune system is working extra hard, and it’s something you should listen to. Schedule some time for rest—whether it’s extra sleep, or just down time with some chicken soup. Then boost your immune system—a nutritional meal, some colloidal silver, or even exercise can do the trick.

Then get outside. With shorter, cloudier days, you probably need some more Vitamin D. Edging toward a Vitamin D deficiency is strongly tied to having seasonal depression. And not just mood—Vitamin D is also important for your immune system, bones, and more. If you can’t get outside while it’s sunny, make sure you’ve got a good daily multivitamin to take.

And try getting a little more exercise. It’s not just a feeling of accomplishment, exercise releases feel good hormones (if you haven’t already heard the analogy or seen the meme, people who need a little motivation like calling dopamine the happy dolphin hormone, and picturing tiny happy dolphins flooding their system! Silly is good if you’re feeling down).

If all else fails, try an all natural mood booster, like D.S.A. Select. People who’ve tried it report feeling it’s effects pretty quickly, and being able to learn whether (and when) they need it, unlike other mood supporters that can become crutches. It’s an all natural, filler free option full of ingredients that are tied to mood support.

And don’t forget to take some colloidal gold. Not only can it help support a good mood, it helps with energy, hand-eye coordination, and more!

What perks you up during the winter? Gingerbread cookies? Share your own tips with us in the comments:


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