If you live East of the Mississippi, and if you have an old home anywhere, lead in your drinking water is a real concern. While it might be a problem with the city’s water management, lead can leach from the pipes in our own homes. If you think you’ve been getting lead in your drinking water, be sure to detox with Zeolite, then take steps to get rid of it!

Lead is bad for your brain, especially if you’re a kid with a still developing brain. Lead has been banned from toys, furniture, paint, and other common household items, but we can’t seem to get it out of an essential—our drinking water!

Have you ever been told to fill a pot with cold water for cooking? To wash things using cold water, or drink from the tap using only cold water? This advice comes from a time where people were more aware about the heavy metal contaminants that come from household pipes, and took steps to avoid drinking, cooking, or otherwise ingesting them. As modern houses worked around this problem (and potentially created new health hazards with plastics) we got complacent—but many Americans still have pipes that leach metals into our drinking water.

The city can add things to water to help prevent this, and avoid contaminants from their end the errode pipes. But you have to take your own steps to ensure the safety of your own home. Lead tests are cheaply available at home improvement stores, and some cities offer them freely.

While replacing pipes may not be affordable, a good water purification system (like a reverse osmosis water filter) may be a solution (fridge water pitchers only filter for flavor, and boiling will only concentrate heavy metal contaminants).

Remove heavy metals you’ve already come into contact with using a safe detoxer like Zeolite (pair it with a good mineral supplement like Immune System Regenerator), and take steps to prevent drinking lead from your own tap!

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