Winter JogThe ground may have a foot of snow on it, but the sunlight is starting to get that warm glow that says spring is right around the corner! And every time the snow wanes, I can see little green sprouts making their way up.

And that has me thinking toward spring and summer plans, and getting ready for them now:

-Warm days are a great opportunity to get a little more Vitamin D, which fights seasonal depression, boosts your immune system, and supports your overall health.

-They’re also an opportunity to start building spring and summer habits—short walks, outdoor maintenance, or getting an early start on outdoor hobbies like biking (warm days are a great excuse for getting bikes tuned and checked out early).

-Since not many people are going to jump on the warm-weather opportunities, it’s also a great way to get in shape without lots of eyeballs. If you’ve gained a little winter weight (which is common) use these uncommon bouts of sunshine to start working it off!

-Still not motivated? Remember that each day you get out will build your momentum for a healthy summer (or continue your momentum from your New Year’s Resolution!).

Want extra support?

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Or maybe you want to bulk up? Try Welltrient Whey.

Calcium levels drop in the winter, so be sure to get extra calcium to support the strong bones that exercising builds!

And of course, support your mind with Colloidal Gold, because there’s few sports that don’t require (and greatly benefit) from improved focus and concentration!

How have you been spending the warm days that pop up?


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