Stiff legs, a sore neck, and an aching back… it doesn’t matter if you’re traveling by plane, train, or automobile… even young, healthy, limber travelers often arrive at their destinations with a few kinks to stretch out. And if you are changing time zones, have a lot of travel time, or need to hit the ground running at your destination, being able to relax and get a good night’s sleep when you arrive is critical, but might not happen if you’re too sore from travel.

Ease muscle pain, headaches, and even migraines with Dakota Muscle Relief. With a mild odor that dissipates quickly, compared to other brands of muscle relief you won’t be burdening your fellow travelers with a lingering medicinal smell. With an easy to read and understand list of ingredients, Dakota Muscle Relief is the clear choice in muscle pain relief.

Before traveling, rub or spray Dakota Muscle Relief on any areas you know will tense up, or that are chronically flaring up with aches and pains. Keep them relaxed before tension sets in. Pair Dakota Muscle Relief with other body support, like compression socks, special pillows, and braces/tape. Keep water or an electrolyte drink on hand and make sure to stay hydrated while traveling!

When traveling, it’s best to arrange frequent standing/walking breaks. People with more health issues may need them as frequently as every hour, while others may be able to go three or four hours without issue (healthier people may not notice they need to stop, but do it anyway—serious health issues can start without noticing, like clots; severe muscle pain should immediately be reported to a physician). During stretch breaks, reapply Dakota Muscle Relief as needed.

At your destination, stave off headaches, pains, and poor sleep by using the hot/cold sensation of Dakota Muscle Relief to keep problem areas comfortable.

Before you travel, be sure to pick up a bottle of Dakota Muscle Relief.

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