In acknowledgement of heart health month, we’ve talked about some easy ways to work a little heart health into your day, like taking a break with a cup of Jiaogulan in the afternoon or starting your day with a heart supporting multivitamin like Mito Cardia.

But it would be an oversight not to talk about strengthening your heart with exercise. It’s a direct way to support your heart and overall health, and it can be as easy as a short walk or swapping out “chill” with some light movements during Netflix time.

There can be a lot of hang-ups to getting more movement into your day. Find what yours is, then choose one of our products to support you through it.

If you’re having problems getting started, a lack of the right sort of energy and focus, try colloidal gold. Colloidal gold helps with energy, focus, and even hand-eye coordination.

Worried about being sore after a workout, or having muscles that ache and keep you up at night, causing insomnia? Start by drinking lots of water before, during, and after a workout. If your muscles still hurt, you can get immediate relief right on top of them with Dakota Muscle Relief, or you can get deeper nutritional support for a better night’s rest with Body RLF.

Joint pain can be a common deterrent, especially with age. Go easy on your joints with a slow and gently routine, or get in the pool for a workout that doesn’t hurt your joints. For more restorative support, try a multivitamin like Joint MGRx.

Not sure why you don’t feel good when you work out? If you’re supporting all the right parts and drinking plenty of water, maybe you need a few more minerals in your diet. Skip the guesswork with Cal Mag Complete. Take it before bed and it will support your body as it goes through all its nightly rituals.

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