Sad Brain FigureDepressed? Anxious? Irritable? Or Apathetic? Mood changes may be an early warning sign of Alzheimer’s, according to new research. Study participants who went on to develop signs of dementia were twice as likely to have an earlier diagnosis of depression.

What’s not clear is the link: is it a direct (mood changes are a result of brain changes) symptom, or an indirect (the onset of dementia causes frustration/mood changes) symptom?

Either way, researchers emphasize that it’s another reason not to ignore chronic symptoms. Even if your depression isn’t related to Alzheimer’s disease, there’s likely a way to manage it, or even get rid of it all together! Talking to your doctor about chronic mood problems will not only help you feel better, it may get you earlier treatment for something more serious, like Alzheimer’s!

And being proactive can help ease anxiety, lest you self-diagnose your depression as Alzheimer’s and add a layer of anxiety coupled with head-in-the-sand syndrome. Ease your worry with these easy at-home tricks:

-Recent anecdotes from Alzheimer’s patients have come out strongly in favor of coconut oil.


Alzheimer’s Disease is the death of brain cells. Research is still exploring how, what, and why brain cells start dying, but one explanation is that something is stopping them from getting energy/food in the form of glucose.

Coconut oil provides another type brain food—ketones.

People who swear by it suggest adding a big scoop to one or two of your daily meals. Coconut oil remains a solid at room temperature, but will easily melt and blend into something warm like oatmeal.

-Take care of your depression/anxiety.

There are lots of causes of depression and anxiety, not just Alzheimer’s. There’s a saying that I love when it comes to depression: before self-diagnosing, take a look around you. It may not be you, it may be something external. Before diagnosing yourself as the problem, remove any metaphorical “thorns”.

Got that out of the way? Try changing your diet and exercise. Yeah, that comes up for almost every health problem ever, but there’s a reason—a good diet and exercise (even just a daily walk, not necessarily extreme sports) has endless health benefits.

Regular exercise even cuts your risk for developing Alzheimer’s!

-And of course, don’t forget to support your brain.

Sleep is one of the most important things you do for your brain. Make sure you’re getting enough, and that it’s quality. If you’re having trouble, don’t substitute unconsciousness (what many sleeping pills offer) with actual sleep. Try a natural sleep aid that supports falling, and staying asleep, as well as provides the nutrients your body will need as it completes some self-maintenance!

-And if you want a little extra brain boost, try MesoGold, which support memory, focus, and more!

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