Ticks are a parasite that can cause lyme disease, and come from wild animals like deer.

While ParaClnz & DTX can help with parasite worms and others that occur inside the body, it’s important to know that there’s a whole other kind of parasite that can affect the outside of the body, too (and some icky ones that do both!).

How Parasites Get In The Home

Unfortunately, it’s incredibly easy for parasites to invade our homes. It’s not really a matter of hygiene, as normal cleaning won’t affect an infestation, and it’s not really about personal grooming, since there’s numerous ways to catch it.

Kids are usually the most affected, since they’re less likely to wash their hands, more likely to roll around in dirt, have fewer personal space issues, and parasites can spread quickly through schools and daycares.

But pets can bring them into our homes too, and can’t as easily tell you that they have parasite symptoms. (When it comes to kids and pets, watch for troubled sleeping, itchiness, and bites or red patches on skin).

First Step: Treat Parasite Symptoms

It may help to find out what kind of parasite you have (especially if they’re external), although it’s hard to diagnose.

Pinworms, the most common parasite in the US, are a sort of internal/external parasite. They live in the small intestine, but leave at night to lay their eggs. Because of this, they can spread from contact with contaminated sheets, underwear, etc. (Eggs can also be inhaled). Watch for parasite symptoms like an itchy bottom, as well as changed appetite, weight loss, and nervousness.

The first step to treating parasite symptoms is to cleanse them from the body. ParaClnz & DTX is a good tool, but you may also want to talk to your healthcare professional, especially if symptoms are prolonged or severe.

External parasite bites can cause infection, so monitor pets and family closely.

Simultaneous Second Step: Attack Back

Some parasite worm eggs can survive for WEEKS. And just like antibiotic resistance and GMO created superweeds, many parasites have developed a resistance to pesticides. That means calling an exterminator may not be worth the chemical exposure!

So how do you naturally get rid of parasites? Constant, vigilant cleaning (and a lot of laundry).

-Wash everything that can go into the washing on hot water (make sure it won’t ruin the material). As a last resort, get it drycleaned!

-Anything with fabric that can’t go in the washing machine should be steam cleaned with hot water, if the fabric would be ruined by it hire a professional cleaner (and save yourself some money, leave it with them until you’re sure the infestation is gone).

-REPEAT. Repeat until all family members and pets show no symptoms, and enough time has passed that no eggs are waiting to hatch, usually at least two weeks, longer depending on species of parasite.

What tips would you add for fighting parasites?


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