Sleep is important for heart health, according to numerous studies. Looking deeper into why, it looks like poor sleep leads to poor blood pressure. Using monitors to watch both sleep quality and blood pressure over several nights, researchers found a clear connection between poor sleep and a raise in blood pressure—even while you’re sleeping. Take steps to support both a good night’s sleep and heart health.

For most modern humans, sleep can be improved by taking a step back from technology. Blue light, whether it’s a screen turned on or the blinking light on our phone, hinders melatonin productions and sleep. Keep it out of the bedroom and cut back on screen time leading up to bed to help your body naturally sleep better.

Anxiety can be another cause of poor sleep. Exercise, de-stressing, and scheduling down time (time to just let the mind relax, not just to not work but still do something) is important for brain health.

Many people, especially with age, find they’re tossing and turning because of aches and sore spots. During the study, tossing and turning was often associated with increases in blood pressure—and who isn’t tossing in their sleep when they are uncomfortable? Address aches and pains naturally before bed with Dakota Muscle Relief. Rub or spray it onto any sore spots. It could mean spraying your feet after standing all day, your shoulders after staring at a computer all day, or helping that old injury to relax a little before you try and sleep.

During the daytime, you can support heart health with diet, exercise, and supplements like Deep Ocean Krill Oil.


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