Vitamin D Levels


Vitamin D LevelsShaping and cultivating your gut bacteria to support a healthy mind and body is the future of medicine, and more importantly self-care. It’s one of the easiest health breakthroughs to get in front of. You just need a healthy diet, some fermented foods (the kind you find in the refrigerated section) and some probiotic support, like Flora MGR.

Treating gastrointestinal illness (like C. diff infections) is simple and low risk with a transplant of a healthy person’s gut colony, and big companies are taking note, fueling research into take-a-pill alternatives to fecal transplants. There’s even research being done into harvesting and sharing the colonies of top athletes, to help more people reach peak health.

Your gastrointestinal colonies are prominent factors in how much you weigh, if you like exercise, and if you’re feeling a little depressed. They’re made up not just of beneficial bacteria, but viruses, too, as it turns out. Those good germs help fight off and crowd out bad ones when you make an occasional slip, but they require the support of a healthy diet (it’s not rewriting the traditional health advice, the good-to-have bacteria like health foods, while the bad ones flourish on sugar, etc.).

Doctors are even finding specific ways to use gut bacteria to help with health, like protecting newborns/decreasing their risk of illness from harmful pathogens.

Of course, the best way to utilize all this research on probiotics is to just focus on prevention. Keep your own colonies robust and healthy, by either indirectly supporting them by following the basics (nutrition, exercise, rest) or directly with fermented foods and supplement support from Flora MGR.

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