Study after study is pushing what we know about probiotics, AKA the good bacteria in your gut, on your skin, and elsewhere further into miracle treatment territory. Cultivating good bacteria may help with depression, diseases of other parts of the body like the heart, and may be an effective, side-effect free treatment of eczema, among other discoveries.

But there’s one thing we’ve always known about good bacteria that shouldn’t be forgotten: it helps support digestion, leading to better digestive comfort, better nutrient absorption, and fewer or milder gastrointestinal illnesses. While the other potential benefits of probiotics are great, the original function shouldn’t go underappreciated. You can support your digestive and gut health with probiotic supplements like Flora MGR.

How are probiotics helping digestion? Well, those good bacteria are also breaking down your food (especially the complex, indigestible stuff). Some are even interacting with your gut, changing or impacting how nutrients are absorbed, and how your body reacts to them. Some bad gut pathogens that get in can trigger your body to be more prone to diabetes, for example. Good bacteria just make sure everything is functioning as it should, and sometimes even more efficiently.

Some gut bacteria help synthesize Vitamin B and Vitamin K, a crucial role in supporting our health.

Toward the end of the digestive tract, good gut bacteria help support and protect colon health, supporting regular, healthier bowel movements, and continuing to help break down and absorb food as it moves along.

Having healthy bacteria means having better digestion, with fewer stomach cramps, bloating, and other upsets.

That’s before factoring in how having a robust colony of good bacteria helps prevent vomiting and diarrhea. When an invading pathogen from contaminated food makes it in, your good bacteria might not give way for it to take hold, they might even fight it off. They’re an important part of your immune system, because even though your digestive tract is internal, it comes into direct contact with the outside world every time you eat. A robust colony of good bacteria can crowd out invading pathogens, and make it harder for them to trigger illness (or help you recover faster).

How do you support good bacteria? They (unsurprisingly) like healthy habits. Healthy foods like raw vegetables, exercise (and the chemicals it triggers), sleep, and low stress are among the basics that help grow good bacteria. If you have bad bacteria, they can make you crave or pursue bad habits, feel stressed, depressed, or generally unwell, and breaking the cycle can be hard. You may also struggle after illness (fevers), antibiotics, or other medications which can all deplete your good bacteria colonies.

Sometimes, you need extra help from a new source of good bacteria. Probiotic rich foods (anything fermented, like yogurt or kefir) are a good part of your diet as long as they’re low on sugar. You can also directly add probiotics with a high-quality supplement like Flora MGR.

Take Flora MGR so you’re always supporting and replenishing the good bacteria that support digestive health.

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