Vegan Protein Powder

Everyone here at Colloids For Life is really excited about the newest product to hit the Welltrients line of all natural supplements: Vegan Protein Powder.

Vegan Protein Powder is a healthier, friendlier alternative to traditional protein powders. Derived from a blend of rice, peas, and hemp, it’s got 14 grams of protein with less than 68 Calories per serving. Further, Vegan Protein Powder is loaded with lots of fiber and vitamins, and contains a carefully crafted balance of all essential and non-essential amino acids making it perfect snack or meal replacement.

Who Is Vegan Protein Powder Designed For?

  • Strict vegans, for one. Most protein powders are made with whey, which is derived from milk. Vegan Protein Powder contains no whey.
    • It also contains no caseinate, another common milk-derived protein powder ingredient (which can also come in a hydrolyzed form).
    • The plant-derived iron in Vegan Protein Powder is more readily absorbed.
  • The super health conscious. Like Welltrient Whey Protein Powder, it contains no cholesterol. Whether you are specifically concerned with combining diet and exercise to lower cholesterol and improve heart health, or whether you are just looking for the best way to supplement your diet with protein, Vegan Protein Powder can be a great nutritional aid.
  • Those who are lactose intolerant will be pleased that it’s free of whey, but those with other sensitivities will be pleased, too! Vegan Protein Powder is 100% biodigestible and hypoallergenic. That means it won’t upset your stomach.
    • Vegan Protein Powder contains no soy, so whether you are allergic to soy or concerned about the way it may act hormonally, this is a GREAT option.
      If you’ve been chronically sick, Vegan Protein Powder is the best supplement option for rebuilding your strength because it’s so gentle and contains no soy.
    • The main ingredients (rice, peas, and hemp) are blended without Glutens. If you have a gluten allergy, be pleased to know it’s gluten-free.
  • It has low-glycemic carbohydrates, for those who have diabetes or other blood-sugar problems.
  • Although Vegan Protein Powder is nutritionally comparable to whey, it dissolves slower in the stomach, giving it a sustained release. This gives it a benefit to those looking for sustained energy (and a feeling of being full), including athletes and dieters.
    • Because Vegan Protein Powder contains a whisk of pure vanilla (light enough to give it a nice flavor while allowing it to blend with other flavors of your choosing), as well as a touch of stevia (a natural, Calorie-free plant derived sweetener), it can easily be added to your favorite snack or juice to turn it into a meal.

Whether you’re a long time user of protein powders, need to rebuild some muscle mass due to long-standing health issues, need to supplement proteins and amino acids in a vegan diet, or need a gentle protein supplement to aid with nutrient-absorption issues, Vegan Protein Powder offers a great nutritional option.

Gram per gram Vegan Protein Powder is comparable to whey protein powder, however, it has more volume, so you if you order it you may notice that the container is more full up.


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