Fall is a time of change, from summer to winter, a change from breaks to a focus on school, or end of the year goals, and a change from long days to short. Make sure that your sleep, and your overall circadian rhythm isn’t disrupted by all the changes with our Sleep Support Pack.

In addition to all the changes that fall brings, there’s also travel for the holidays, and maintaining a good sleep schedule while changing time zones to consider. If you follow good sleep hygiene and try to encourage a consistent circadian rhythm, you’ll feel better and have a stronger immune system when fall colds and flu start up.

To keep sleep going during these changing months, start by brushing up on your sleep hygiene. What’s sleep hygiene? It’s just the good habits that encourage good sleep:

-Have a consistent wake-up time and bedtime
-Limit alcohol, which can disrupt (quality) sleep
-Avoid caffeine after lunch
-A little bit of exercise can help tire you out and keep sleep on schedule
-Make your bed and bedroom sleep focused, limit or avoid screens, and make sure all your senses are soothed (no lights, good sheets/mattress, quiet or white noise, etc.)

Help cue sleep by having a consistent bedtime routine, including a set time where you limit or stop eating, and limit or avoid screens (eating before bed can cause sleep disruption and is hard on your heart, screens mess with your natural sleep rhythms).

You can also “fuel” your sleep by giving your body all the nighttime nutrients it needs, as well as sleep supporting herbs with our Sleep Support Pack. You aren’t shutting down when you close your eyes at night, your body is actually performing routine maintenance on both your brain and body. Give it the building blocks it needs to repair and maintain itself with the minerals and other nutrients in our Sleep Support Pack, all specially formulated for nighttime needs.

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