Loose Leaf Tea CupIf you’ve been working hard on your 2015 health goals, we think you should have a reward! How about a nice, hot cup of tea? It can relax you and support your health!

-You just finished exercising. You’re heart is feeling healthier and stronger—don’t spoil the feeling of success with a 30 ounce double sugar high in caffeine whipped whatever! Do something healthy, try a cup of tea!

It will help you continue that feeling of accomplishment, since tea is rich in antioxidants. You could even drink one that’s been linked to heart health, like our Jiaogulan!

-After you complete a big work project, sit down and unwind with a cup of tea. Caffeine in the afternoon can cause insomnia, so stick to something healthy and caffeine free!

You can also add a little honey for an energy boost and treat. If it’s locally produced, you’re strengthening your immune system against allergens (and spring is just around the corner!).

-When it’s been several weeks of sacrifices to improve your health, do something that doesn’t feel like a sacrifice, like a warm cup of tea! A warm cup of tea is a great substitution for less than healthy afternoon drinks.

-Make it a social gathering! Americans love coffee, but that hasn’t stopped tea from becoming trendy in the last decade. If you’re goal for the year is more social, then try having a gathering around your fancy new teapot

Bonus points if you serve a tea that can be a talking point. Our Jiaogulan, besides being health-supporting, is grown in SouthEast Asia, and rumored to contribute to the long lifespan of those who drink it!

What #HealthGoals have earned you a cuppa?


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