Spirulina is a superfood tightly packed with vitamins, minerals, strong antioxidants. It’s known for being a good source of protein, and a vegan source of iron as well as all 8 essential amino acids. Spirulina is such an efficient food, it was even included in the diet of astronauts.

What is spirulina? It’s green algae, just another super plant. But it’s not some new fad, spirulina was once a staple part of the diet of coastal humans (especially in the Americas). If you’re trying to eat more plants, or just want nutritional support while you alter your eating habits, include spirulina.

Let’s start with one of the best things about spirulina: it’s a natural, vegan source of iron. It’s important to get iron from food sources like spirulina, because iron supplements (the processed kind, not the food derived kind) have been shown to be bad for your overall health when taken for an extended period of time. If you eat meat, there are lots of ways to boost your iron, but if you have dietary restrictions like being vegetarian or vegan, having a go-to source to boost your numbers is critical. Most people will be told to get more iron in their diet at some point, if you can’t get it through food like liver, do it from a food source like spirulina, which you can get as a supplement.

Then there are all the vitamins and minerals in spirulina. Even in a balanced diet, there can often be gaps—the soil in California is not the same as in Florida. Minerals in particular vary, and can often be missing as they become depleted from over-farmed soil. Add them back in with the variety found in spirulina.

Get the many benefits to having a superfood like spirulina in your diet with Blu-Lina Organic Spirulina.

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