This week, the clock moved back an hour. Most people enjoyed that hour of extra sleep, and got a better start to their Mondays. It’s a nice end to how daylight savings began: springing clocks forward, and creating a huge spike in heart attacks the following Monday. It’s a pretty noticeable difference, and it comes down to enough sleep, and supporting a stable routine for your circadian rhythm.

Everyone, young and old, needs at least seven hours of sleep. Seven or nine is the window that most people fall into, with variation based on genetics. Sometimes the immune system needs more to help fight something off. But a big misconception? That you can get by with less. Some people think they do okay four to six hours, or that they need less as they get older. But study after study, and our collective experience with daylight savings, pretty crisply illustrate that more sleep makes us feel better. There’s a reason we all look forward to the time change!

So then it comes down to, how can you get more sleep? The first step is making time. When the clocks set back, we look at it as the gift of an extra hour—either to sleep, or to indulge in more before bed distractions. But if you always have that extra hour, or just enough hours total, then you can always have that good feeling that setting back the clocks brings.

If you have trouble sleeping, even with enough time set aside, then get some support. Our Sleep Support Pack pairs herbal support that’s known to help with sleep, naturally, with minerals that the body needs while it performs its nightly processes. It’s non-addictive, and most people don’t need much to tip the into a longer, deeper night’s sleep (real sleep, not fake sleep).

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