Climbing HikerIf you’re having trouble getting started on your health goals for 2014, maybe you need to make sure they’re achievable—which means focusing those goals, and making a plan.

“I want to lose weight” is a great goal, but more effective goals are “I want to eat healthy” and “I want to exercise more”. If you focus on losing weight, you’re more likely to give up. You can’t just will yourself to lose weight, after all. Exercising and eating healthy are part of a plan to lose weight.

It’s also important to realize that making healthy changes might not lead to weight loss (you may get thinner, but growing muscle mass may keep the number on the scale from dropping like you hope). Or you may realize the number in your head doesn’t match your results, but that your results are still great.

“I want to be happier/live life with more joy”. If you are making this a goal, chances are that for you, this isn’t just a switch you can flip in your head—you’ve decided to live more joyfully, so you will.

Instead, make a plan. “When I start to fixate on something negative, I’m going to write down/act on a solution, then I’m going to do something else”.

Or, “I’m going to write down three positive things about my day, everyday”, or “I’m going to start each conversation with a compliment/positive observation”.

More specific goal? Focus on daily aspirations. If you signed up to read a certain number of books this year, break that down into how much you want to read each day. Alternately, if you’re trying to cut back on a habit, set a daily limit for yourself (and cut back each month until it’s where you want it).

Need a little extra help achieving your goals?

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What are your health goals?


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