Don’t Just Sleep Better, Be Healthier With Nite MGR and Cal Mag Complete


You may have already read about how Nite MGR can help you get a better night’s sleep, but did you know that when combined with Cal Mag Complete your body will have all the nutrients it needs to complete its nightly processes?

What Night Processes Do You Mean?

When you sleep, your body rejuvenates itself. It heals by rebuilding cells that are damaged or dead, but to do that it needs to have incoming nutrients, which are the building blocks for this process.

Nite MGR contains amino acids, presented in a form ideal for absorption by your body so that they can be easily used. But your body also requires minerals that work with the amino acids. These are provided by Cal Mag Complete (calcium, magnesium, and over 70 other trace minerals from land and sea).

Why Is Providing My Body With These Supplements Important?

If your body is missing ingredients when it’s rebuilding itself, then those ingredients will be missing in your cells. That means you’ll have poorly made cells (that don’t function properly), and that can contribute to both disease and aging, more so as these poorly made cells accumulate over the years.

Your skeleton, your bones, are calcium, and most Americans aren’t getting enough calcium in their diets. Most doctors recommend that you take a calcium supplement, and Cal Mag complete not only contains calcium, but magnesium, which aids the absorption of calcium. This is why it’s also recommended as a daytime supplement as well.

If you eat junk food (sodas and processed foods) you’re not getting much nutrition, and you may even be loosing minerals. Replacing them is very important to your health.

Nutrients are important to life, and Welltrients are designed as a strategy to deliver them to your body when it needs them.

Remind Me How Nite MGR Helps Me Sleep Better?

Besides aiding your brain and body’s night processes, Nite MGR includes ingredients designed for calm, including melatonin, which is important to your body’s natural sleep cycle (telling it to rest).

The New Welltrient Two-Pack: Nite MGR And Cal Mag Complete

Every Welltrient supplement is jam-packed with goodness. There are no fillers, preservatives, or other junk taking up room, and the capsules are about as large as they can be without getting silly. That means that to get everything your body needs, you likely need more than one.

Fortunately, Welltrients are designed to work synergystically with each other, and Nite MGR and Cal Mag Complete are the perfect examples of that. In fact, they work so well together that we really want you to take them both to get the best result! So now they’re available together, in a new Welltrient pack at Colloids for Life.

Have you noticed a difference in your sleep from Nite MGR? How do you feel when taking Nite MGR and Cal Mag Complete together?


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